Shower Tray Resurfacing & Repair Services

Before and After slider of Shower Tray Renewal

Shower Tray Resurfacing

Shower tray resurfacing. Shower trays, although relatively cheap to purchase are very expensive to replace (removal of, re-plumbing, re-tiling, etc).

Over the years shower trays loose their shine and lustre. It takes about 3 hours to resurface a shower tray and afterwards it looks as good as new.

Avoid these cost’s, have your shower tray resurfaced by a professional.

Shower Tray Repairs

We also repair shower trays. Chipped or damaged shower trays don’t have to be replaced. We can perform invisible repairs to them-problem solved.
We can repair chips, scratches, cracks, holes, burn marks, staining.

Anti-slip Surface

We can apply an anti-slip surface to your bath or shower tray, even if they haven’t been resurfaced before.

No need for unsightly and unhygienic bath mats anymore.
It is colourless and virtually invisible.

It can be applied in any shape or size, takes approx 1 hour to do.
Your bath or tray can then be used after 8-10 hours.