Anti Slip Solutions

Anti-Slip Coating

This type of solution is better suited to Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing homes etc.

We can apply an anti-slip coating (the only one to have been comprehensively tested and certified worldwide) to your bath or shower tray in any shape or size.
It takes around 45 minutes to apply.
Your bath or tray can be used again after 8 to 10 hours.

This coating has all the important quality certificates including the TUV quality label (DIN 51097 Class C) and Swiss EMPA certification and the bfu safety label.

Slip resistence classes: GB2/C,R11,R12,R13

Environment: Water-based dual-component textured coating which is environmentally friendly.

Appearance: Almost invisible and therefore fully emphasises the colour and structure of the underlying surface.

Care; Easily cleaned with any standard bathroom cleaner.

“Protect yourself and your guest’s from the risk of slipping in a bath or shower tray thus preventing a serious fall or accident”

“A safe feeling wherever there could be slippery and treacherous surfaces “

Slip Resist tape

Better suited to Household’s etc

We can apply a slip resistant tape to your bath or shower tray in any length or size.

It takes approx 45 minutes to do.It is white in colour and provides great traction on smooth and wet surfaces.

Anti-fungicidal adhesive prevents discolouring.

Your bath or tray can be used again after approx 10 hours.

Easily cleaned afterwards.

“No more need for unsightly and unhygienic bath mats!”