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Bath Renewal Services are an Irish owned company operating for over 30 years from Cork. We are based in Munster and have over 30 years experience servicing private homes, hospitals, hotels and a selection of well known Irish stately homes. We provide a professional bath and shower tray resurfacing service nationwide.

Bath Renewal

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Bath RenewalBath Renewal

Shower Tray Renewal

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Shower Tray ResurfacingShower Tray Resurfacing

Save Money

Bath & Shower Tray resurfacing comes at a fraction of the cost of replacing an old or damaged bath or shower tray. By having your bath or shower tray resurfaced you can save hundreds or even thousands on replacement costs as well as avoiding the trouble of having your bathroom floor and plumbing dismantled.

Why throw out a superior / better quality (cast-iron bath) and replace it with a lesser/poor quality acrylic/plastic or steel one? Acrylic baths are wafer thin and are therefore Fragile,they can crack or get a hole put through them quite easily. Steel baths are prone to chipping.

It’s a bad decision to remove a bath and replace it with a shower tray, for instance if you were ever to sell your house.

Nothing quite like a long hot soak in a cast iron bath, great remedy for any aches, pains or injury. People are so busy nowadays that they forget about making the time for the simple pleasure of a hot bath.

We resurface baths/ shower trays in situ, no mess no fuss,no need to replace, job done.

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