Bath Resurfacing & Bath Repair Services

Bath resurfacing comes at a fraction of the cost of replacing an old or damaged bath. By having your bath tub resurfaced you can save hundreds or even thousands on replacement costs as well as avoiding the trouble of having your bathroom floor and plumbing dismantled.

Bath RenewalBath Renewal

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Bath Renewal

We can resurface and repair cast iron, steel and acrylic baths also ceramic and acrylic shower trays and sinks as well as bath resurfacing in any colour.

This comes at a fraction of the cost of replacement and we use only the highest quality materials for a long lasting high quality finish.

This is achieved using our unique baking process.

We repair chips and damage to baths, shower trays and sinks. We also repair holes, scratches and burns in all fiberglass fixtures.

All work is carried out on site with no mess and no fuss.


Our bath resurfacing service takes around 3 hours to complete and is completed in 5 simple steps.

1. We clean the bath and remove any stains.

2. We sand the bath to make sure the surface is completely smooth and even

3.We repair and fill any damage to the surface

4. We then apply a primer and bond it to the bath’s surface using infrared heat.

5. A high gloss durable finish is then applied.

Before and after slider of bath renewal

Cast Iron Bath Resurfacing

We can resurface and repair steel and cast iron baths as well as acrylic and enamel shower trays and sinks.

As experienced operators we know that it can be difficult to come by high quality cast iron bath tubs these days. If you have a cast iron bath that is tired or damaged give us a call and find out how we can restore it to its former glory.

Bath & Sink Repairs

We also repair baths and sinks.¬†Chipped or damaged baths & sinks don’t have to be replaced. We can perform invisible repairs to them-problem solved.

We can repair chips, scratches, cracks, holes, burn marks, staining.